Sunday, October 17, 2010

Total World Domination. check.

Round 2 of the Reunion Weekend was last night.  The official event.  The casual oyster roast deck party that I've been going on about here since January.

It was insanely good.  Like, off without a single hitch or glitch or any crisis-style drama whatsoever.  And everyone who said they were coming, came.  And other people who said they weren't coming ended up changing their minds at the last minute.  And a few other people who weren't even on my radar showed up as well.  huh.  shocking.  welcome!

We showed up to decorate a couple hours before and the team of 8 or so people totally made the place beautiful.

It might not look like a lot, but that was the point I guess.  And trust me, it takes a lot of work to make something seem effortless.

Not that anybody bought my "Aw, shucks.  It was no big deal." shtick.  They were all completely convinced it was a laborious process pulling this weekend off.  Seriously, my facebook wall has blown up like it's my birthday or something.  Honestly, it was laborious but it was a labor of love.  As much as my committee, however small it may have been, claims that I did all the work...well, I sweartogod couldn't have done it without them and every other person who helped throughout the year making this event happen.  I love my minions dearly for keeping me on track and accountable as this all came together.

But anyway, the party.  After the decorating part it was pretty much out of my hands.  Brush your hair, put on your clothes and let it happen.  Everybody asked, "Are you nervous?  Stressed out?  Is everything okay?"  And everything was seriously great.  But really, once we made budget last week how could it not have been?

I mean, you saw that deck.  That weather.  Could you ask for anything more perfect?  It was just exactly what I imagined.  exactly.  And once the people started arriving it was complete.  The people make the party after all.  All I can do is give them food, drinks and a killer atmosphere, the rest is up to them.  And they were awesome.  I didn't hear about anybody being snotty.  From where I stood (which was everywhere), I could see nothing but hugs and big smiles and lots of conversations.  And even dancing.  I didn't dance.  Sorry, guys.  I shimmied past the dance floor every now and again on my way to make sure the check-in table was properly staffed though?  Anyway, looks like they all had a fucking blast out there, so more power to 'em.  Thanks for bringing the noise.  and the funk.

And aside from just watching everyone have a fantastic time, and having a fantastic time myself, I know the party was a complete smashing success because the open bar closed at 8 and people stayed for hours and hours after that.  AND, you know how when you're on a really good date and you make plans for the next date in the middle of it? (or so I hear)  People were already asking if we have to wait another 10 years to do this again.  Can we have a 25 year reunion?  Can we do this every year?  Let's get together at Christmas!  Woo hoo!

So, that seems like a pretty solid indication that my goal for total world domination has been achieved.  Because I think I'm supposed to plan the rest of these things too.  heh.  But that's okay, because like I mentioned, I absolutely loved doing it and the few speedbumps and headaches along the way were totally worth it once the main event was in full swing.

Oh, and I'm so glad I hired my photographer because I didn't take one solitary picture between that set up and after brunch today.  So my camera goes from that last light-stringing setup shot to this one:

The guys I had brunch with goofing around on the walk back to the hotel.

And it's been so great seeing everyone's pictures from the weekend popping up in albums all over my facebook news feed.  And I set up a shutterfly account for sharing all of those, but due to a severe Adrenaline Crash this afternoon, I have not yet fleshed that out.  because, seriously, just gimme a minute.

So after this we can move on to other topics.  Probably.  until the next one of these rolls around.  and hey,  if you've put up with me through all of this...the next one should be fine.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! I know those strapping young men who are goofing off after brunch. One of them is pretty funny. The other is from Akron.

Silver said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

and next time, I'm not bringing a big enough bag for you to hijack all the tableware vicariously. sheesh! ;)

Anonymous said...

I've no idea what you're talking about. But kleptomania is a serious ailment. You should have that looked at. ;-)

Silver said...

kleptowha...?! I fear excessive Splenda consumption has given way to early onset Alzheimers. kleptomania. please.

You should probably frisk me next time though. Just to be sure.

Anne said...

I said it before and I'll say it again - AWESOME job, young lady! We had a great time!

Silver said...

Yay Anne! So happy.