Friday, September 23, 2011

Trash & Treasure

A few weeks ago someone decided in a stupidly hateful moment to toss boxes and bags of literal trash on my doorstep.  I know exactly why.  Because they were hurt about something else but they couldn't take their frustrations out on that thing, so I became the target.  Thanks for the info, Local Newspaper!

I chose not to respond in kind because:
1. Don't feed the trolls
2. Karma is a bigger bitch than I have the energy to, or could ever be
3. You're boring

Soanyway, amid the myriad garbage was this potted plant.  It had a long spear of green leaf and a river stone.  The pot was neglectedly cracked at the leaf!  It was a living thing, albeit barely.  I couldn't disregard it along with the old shoes and broken plastic better meant for a dumpster where it would have been if some people had any conscience left.  

I brought the plant inside.  Set it up on a shelf in a window that gets morning sun.  Gave it some water.  I'm not great at plants but I'm pretty sure sun and water are a thing.

Anyway.  It grew.  By that I mean a whole other leaf sprouted.  And that leaf is almost 7 inches tall now.  It's a miracle.  I didn't even coat it in chocolate to make it go down easier or anything.

I don't know what kind of plant this is.  I haven't Googled.  It's got a bulb at the base so I have a few guesses but I'm not totally sure.

I want to keep being surprised.

To clarify, Universe, I want to keep being surprised by good and inspiring things.

I do not want to be surprised by the eyerollingly banal ways some people suck.


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