Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Tao of Plumbing

There was a leak in the wall not even close to my closet for an undetermined period of time and the way the concrete slab is graded led most of the water in a nonsensically northern direction.  Now the floor of my closet is soaking wet and smells like post-Katrina New Orleans.  But the leak did get fixed and an industrial fan has been blowing pretty much nonstop for days.  It'll dry out eventually.  I'm guessing.

So I was trying to render some philosophical significance out of that situation last night when I noticed my Christmas tree hasn't been taking on any water for some time and the 1,300+ lights I so proudly strung all over it now make it look like a colossal fire event just waiting to happen.

And suddenly the balance of the universe was restored.  I have a whole yin yang microcosm happening under my very roof.  I may be reaching a little bit for that, but I find strange comfort in the diametric extremes intertwining here so I'm rolling with it.

A delightfully symbolic solution would be to put the tree in the closet to see if it would soak up all water.  And that did cross my mind for a second but the tree is 10 feet tall and fully decorated and my closet is slam full of closetty stuff so that's not a viable option.  *shrug

So these problems will have to be solved according to their individual requirements rather than with a collective effort which is kind of a theme going on outside of my house as well.  Lots of drama in the friends and family arenas lately and for a while I could pin that on the full moon, lunar eclipse and Mercury shifting out of retrograde but I think that's settled down now so they're less of good reasons and more of new agey bullshit excuses at this point and I can't really hang my hat on them anymore.  But I do hope they settle down soon too.

It's been like a series of volcanoes going berserk around here actually and I think we're about ready for the cooling off, island forming phase.  Because eventually?  It's going to be a chain of magnificent tropical islands rife with exotic foliage and animals that would require an entire niche cable channel to document.  Right now though?  It's all still crunchy gooey steaming lava and if you tried to walk around you'd probably burst into flame.

Evolution is not for the faint of heart.

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