Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Being more mindful of my intentions and actions throughout the day.  I remember overhearing a conversation in the grocery store, a woman was venting to her mother about a friend who was always bragging about her big plans, but never actually did anything. The daughter said, "Like, quit telling me what you're going to do. Show me what you've done." It resonated with me then and I have drifted away from that mentality in the last couple of years.

I have been taking the Buffini training class for 4 weeks now, and kind of gearing up for it for longer than that. It's a real estate agent boot camp that is super challenging to the point that I have shirked most of the process so far. But it's something that I know I have to keep working at because it's a great system and it's more holistic than some of the other real estate training I've gotten.

Anyway, I have been needing some real guidance and inspiration in my life for a long time and for whatever reason, now feels like the time that things are coming together to force me to take action and actually follow through with all the everything going through my head.

My digestive system has been terribly out of balance recently, and I think that's a reflection of a lot of other things that are out of balance also. I'm just all over the place and really uncentered. There's a quote, "Aim at nothing and you'll hit it every time," that's been amazingly and disappointingly applicable to me for too long.

I don't know when the whole idea of goal setting became lost to me but it's been really hard for me to step up and find anything to aim at. Maybe for a while, I was justifying it as me being a Type B person instead of Type A, more relaxed, go with the flow, things will all work out-ish. Now I'm realizing that was my excuse for completely being slack and lazy about everything.

And that excuse isn't cutting it any longer. I need to get my shit together. I've been saying I'm going to write every day. I've been saying I'm going to plan a golf tournament. I've been saying I'm going to get healthier/in better shape. And I've been saying I'm really going to dig in with real estate and become a more successful agent.

 And I haven't done any of those things with any degree of conviction. These are my goals and I'm ready to work to achieve them.

10 Day Goals
No alcohol
Balance system pH
Determine golf tournament structure
Do necessary real estate tasks
Write every day.

I'm sure more things will pop up surrounding this. I'm hoping writing everything out will get me back on track to the Total World Domination vision I had not that long ago.

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