Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day Two

So here we are at Day Two In a Row! Holy cow, I wasn't sure I'd ever see this again.

I've been helping Pete build a shed this week. And by "shed" I mean "tiny house." This thing is massive as far as sheds go. It's only 10'x12' but it's about 2 feet off the ground and has a full second story complete with pull-down stairs. I haven't been much practical use like I haven't made any cuts on the saw or been permitted to operate the air hammer but I've been doing my best to be a helper. I'm basically whatever the construction equivalent is to an ER nurse. I've even applied bandages (not to myself thankgoodness. yet, anyway.)

So that's been, I don't know, fun? I guess? It's something active and I enjoy working outside and helping as much as I can. With a financial gap on the horizon until I get my tax refund back, I figure this is the least I can do to contribute.

I still need a name for the golf tournament and wonder if I should put that to a facebook vote. But so far I only have 2 choices: Just the Tips Golf Classic, and Par Tee Golf Classic. I'm struggling because I don't want it to be too fraught with innuendo so that it's tough to get Sponsors, nor do I want it to be too tied to the school 1) for liability purposes, and 2) to appeal to a broader field of players. And here I'm stuck. I just feel like it needs a good name for branding and event awareness. I have an email to the Student Activities Coordinator at the school. Maybe she can give me some insight. Maybe just the Alumni Par Tee Golf Classic. I'm taking this to fb.

Alrighty, goal progress:
  • Two full days of no drinking. Day 3 is upon us. I should be okay for the duration except for I might have to give myself a one day pass since there's this literal All Day Kegger on Saturday that we've been talking about going to and everyone says is a fun time. If I attend that, the goal will go on a temporary hold. 
  • pH levels are on the rise and that's a very welcome sign. 
  • Golf tournament date has been reserved for Friday, October 5. I just need to cancel the previous reservation I had at the other course and then let everyone know about the change. And decide for good and all on a stupid name.
  • I did some real estate legwork yesterday and am going door-knocking this morning, and if I can get confirmation, I have a potential buyers appointment this afternoon. fingers crossed (but they haven't confirmed yet and I'm getting concerned)

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