Monday, April 30, 2018

Brain Dump

If I were the person who has already figured out how to get what I am aiming for, then my life would look busy and productive and much more full of smiling. But apparently, that doesn't mean I don't deserve some smiling in the meantime. I have feelings about that but I'll leave them be for now.

I have to elevate myself to a higher frequency in order to attract higher frequency things. Living at a lower frequency only begets the same. So the idea is to act as if I've already got the life that I am aiming for and let the rest of it fall into place.

Make the calls as if I'm a seasoned agent whose purpose is to help people with all things real estate related. Need a contractor? Sure. Need a home valuation? I'm here for you. Need an invitation to a party? I can probably figure something out.

I feel more optimistic than not. It's going to be a rough couple of weeks until the tax refund comes back but knowing that it's on the horizon is a huge weight lifted. Warnie will be going to ECU in the fall. We just have to arrange his orientation and some of the other minutiae around that in the next month or so. And I have to deal with the constant spontaneous tears each time I think about him going away for real. I don't know why I'm still surprised by how emotional I get thinking about this when I was a complete and total wreck as early as pre-school graduation.

Still wrapping my head around the everyday stuff. I can't wait until these writings become more funny and philosophical.

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