Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Up To Speed

You should all know how much I love you right now because The Biggest Loser is just sitting in my DVR untouched and I'm talking to you instead.  But I HAD to watch Glee and holy. crap.  The twists!  The Neil Patrick Harris!  The Fantasy Flash Mob!  I got chills is all I'm saying.  Because I'm not a girly girl about a lot but I get real stupid happy at a good episode of Glee.  And next week?  Kurt's "We have a jumper" line?  I totally may have ell oh elled.  I'm still a drama geek on the inside.

Anyway, just to follow up on what's been happening over here at the Great Blogsperiment for the past couple days - Jennifer emailed and everything is totally cool.  Totally.  No more gushing about her bendiness.  I haven't heard from Tina's people yet but I am pretty sure yesterday's table-smack proclaiming her adorableness was restitution enough. [makes wish really hard face]

Annnnd, we move on.

I would like to send a shout-out to my sister Jan Brady, who secretly reads this drivel.  Everyone wave hello to Jan.  We see you there, young lady.  That email yesterday?  Dead giveaway.  Not to mention all your referencing of margaritas since the More Margarita post.  Look, I was just repeating what you said on the phone is all.

And I'll try not to snark about you as much but please try to make it less easy, alright?  I don't even mind that you think my writing sounds like Eloise because clearly that is an easy voice for us to slip into.  As you demonstrated.  My tip-off?  The CAPS LOCK. And the cadence.  But we sound alike on the phone also.  Seriously, even Dad can't tell us apart without some kind of identifying clue.  But he's a little off these days, could be that.  Anyway, you're not getting a videopology.  You live around the corner, we could have lunch or something.  Text me, 'kay?

Nextly, I would like to take a moment for feedburner.  Feedburner, you're maddening.  And maybe broken.  I can't tell yet.  But I don't exactly trust you right now, so...um...you're going in time out for a while.  I think it will do us both some good.  Thanks for understanding.

And for the couple new readers I see over to my left...wait...right?  Right.  God, I seriously suck at that still. Anyway, you've just signed on [totally swoons with joy], quick intro for you. 

Big ups to Undomestic Diva for being the answer I needed after having a WTF moment with Beanie Babies in a car window.  Got clickity with her blogroll and ended up starting the Great Blogsperiment after getting inspired from poring through BHJ's Wind offerings.  And it happened to be lent.  40 daysThen I discovered the wondrous, snarkfest that is MamaPop.  Then BHJ said something Twelve Steppy about the 90/90 plan right before Easter.  I used it my own way.  Then I lost an imaginary bet with my readers and here you are.  365 days of posts.  And, um, HI!  That's what you missed on Silver Thinks!

I am now like the China of posting.  But before they made everything out of poison.  I think.  They may have been doing that all along.  Not sure.  I can't make any promises about child labor though because Thing 1 and Thing 2 have discovered the webcam and they are little-boy-excited over those possibilities.  I pre-emptively apologize.

And I would like to give a special He-ey to Jennifer's Paradise who has been reading since this was just a little goofiness on myspace years ago and said one day last year, "Hey, do you still write?"   She is a dear friend.  Even though we mostly only talk online.  And I have secretly coveted her life since high school.   

Oh, also, you may want to meet our cast.  I refer to them a lot sometimes.  And someday I'll organize all this stuff so I don't have to spend 20 minutes linking stuff like that again.  [head hits keyboard]

Alright, I gotta go watch Biggest Loser now.  School night and all.  I'll delight you with fun stuff like details of the upcoming Neighborhood Garage Sale this Saturday tomorrow.

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